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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sitting in the audience is the father of shooter omar mateen. >> it is good for the united states. versus donald trump. >> that teen told local station he had been invited via a mass e-mail but how he had prime spot is puz bling to some. the clinton campaign said the rally was 3,000-person open door event. the individual was not invited as guest. the campaign was unaware until after he has planned hundreds of high-profile campaign events including mitt romney. >> the first goal in planning a successful stop even before the building is set to really eliminate that anything that may distract from the candidate's message of the day. at this point, the cycle though, the frequency and magnitude of rallies and other events. distractions like this bound to happen once or twice at least. >> going back to trump's controvers remarks a little bit before air.
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out a vague comment saying, that trump wasser fromming to the ability of gun's right advocates to unify "second amendment people have amazing spirit and tre mens doily unified, which gives them great power. " this year they will voting in record numbers for donald trump. so jenna, steve, another day on the trail. another controversy. never ending. >> that version of what he said. all right. thank you, stacey. meantime, china h na not the presidential nominee is playing the china barbing card in an attempt to regain popularity. trump gave a speech yesterday accusing china of breaking trade rules by illegally subsidizing exports and stealing property. the news agency says the inflammatory rhetoric was meant to appeal to blue collar voters and does not resolve differences between the two nations. >> hillary clinton is getting sued over the
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benghazi. pat smith and charles woods lost their sons when the u.s. diplomatic am pound was attacked while clinton was the secretary of state. clinton is responsible for the deaths and blamed negligent and reckless use of a private e-mail server for compromising the american security. the fbi says clinton was careless for using a private server but no ground for criminal prosecution. >> former cia operator has stepped out of the shadows to the spot light to run for president coming fm independent candidates responding to people who say he is out to play poller. >> a in bro exclerk was shot and killed bay man who corner of east 198th street and valentine avenue in bedford park remains a crime scene.
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just after 1:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> two uniformed officers assigned to patrol in the 52nd precinct were flagged done buy a civilian, regarding a dispute inside of the deli grocery store. according toness withs and the police, 30-year-old effron guzman, a local, who regularly hangs around the street, have been causing a disservice. the clerk of that bodega, known to those in the neighborhood as wally was able to get gu going to the a&m frosh riddellly across the street that he went over to warn them. >> as the officers were escorting mr. guzman out of the store, mr. guzman was able to grab a gun from one of the officer's holsters? officials stating wits that moment that guzman unloaded the clip. as the officer struggled to stop him. a second officer returned fire. hitting guzman twice in the process. >> mr. guzman fired numerous shots from the
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which we believe fatally struck a 49-year-old male who works in the store across the street. that man was wally. the news of what happened spreading quickly. >> he is a wonderful person. ok. he is a great guy. you know? pe never gets in trouble with anyone. he has family, you know? we are human, you know. it is a big loss. >> at last check, guzman was still recovering in the hospital. it is u charges he will face. in the bronx, "fox 5 news." >> police in massachusetts asking for the public's help into their investigation of the murder of a google employee. vanessa marcotte's body was found in the woods on sunday after she went out for a run but never returned. police said up unanimous tipline today for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious that afternoon am they are unsure whether marcotte was target or a victim of a ran dm attack.
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hurt while bat ling a huge fire that spread to several buildings in the bronx. they said that fire break out after noon in a two-story home on east 205th street. the flames quickly spread to four other homes next to it. one firefighter suffered minor burns. two others had heat-related in requires no one else was hurt. fire marshals trying to figure out what caused the fire in the first place. >> there are disturbing statistics in new york city. the health department says for a 50th year answer have in in creased jump buying 158%. from 2010 to 2015. heroin was involved in more than half of all overdose deaths in the last year and fentanyl in 16%. the bronx has the highest rate of heroin overdose deaths in the city. >> more travel troubles for delta air line customers today. delta forced to cancel nearly 250 flights after thousands dev lay and can sell leasing as around the world yesterday. they say the problems
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the ongoing issues are hitting deal's bottom line. allison will show us how the computer melt down could cost the airline in a little bit in business. there is a new effort to fight back against islam ma phobia. here hin city, community leaders announced a new campaign to improve relations between muslimmance non-muslims and combat anti-islamic rhetoric and stereo-types and am coon% the heels of sunday's alleged hate croom attack on the islamic cultural senor in new york. outside of the upper east side mosque? it is important to have discussions to bring new yorkers together. because when one community is being targeted. one one is being vilified. it impacts all new yorkers and creates a public safety for all of us. a threat to our public safety. >> the campaign will also focus on highlighting the positive contribution of muslim next, so. >> new jersey will develop cultural diversity training. governor christie signing that measure today after it was
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shore of making the training hand story. christie says cultural diversity training will help promote interaction between the police and the communities they serve. >> more probably for the former uconn student whose drink in tirade over mac and cheese was unforgettably caught on camera. (beep). >> luke getty pleaded guilty to misdemeanor breach of peace charge yesterday in connection to thence dent. the plea came after the connecticutup special probation for the case. one condition of the probation program was that he stay out of trouble but he was arrested at florida substance abecause rehab center back in may and charged with battery on a police officer. >> a hospital in new jersey using virtual reality to show the dangers of driving while distracted by the phone. the 3d simulator was shet up at the university hospital today. users could experience risk free how dangerous it is to take the eyes
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for second. >> it brains home the message how quickly one glance down can distract you enough to hit a kid crossing the street or crashing to the car in front of you and makes it realistic. a you if you are distracted for just about five seconds, it is like driving an entire football feel without having the eyes on the roads. very dangerous. these are the people that we are seeing in the trauma bay. >> and along those lines. the trama doctors have seen a jump indies straked driving and usualing t turn the phones off and putting them away to look down and use them while driving. all right, a good message for sure. >> kfc may be forced to change the recipe. >> what investigators want taken out of the popular fried chicken. plus making room. a plan to build a new park on long island's
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>> walmart making some moves to challenge amazon on the web. >> deal is still reel prague major computer outage. alleyson is here with the day's business headlines. >> yeah, guys. the big to riff the week. we have been talking about it so much. you mentioned it earl wherein the show. massive power outage at delta causing more delays today. we know what a pain in the neck this is for traveler bus also about to be a big financial headache for delta. while the airline has
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will cost. we know when southwest had a similar computer meltdown in july it cost between $5 and car that 10 million. the average cost to can seal domestic flight in the neighborhood of $15 grand and the cost when all said and done is $56 grand and with 1500 grounded so far. are talking between 22.5 and $100 million in flight costs alone but the big expense is overhauling the computer system which is causing all the problems for the air lines in this he all right. a huge buy outthis week. walmart taking $3.3 million. now this is the biggest participate in american he commerce start ever and the end to take on amazon. now jet's founder who made that his mission will become wal-mart's head of ecommerce and going to run with and and will remain separate sites now it looks like walmart is trying to go after but it has long way to go.
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last year. amazon is about $99. and finally today, yum brands investors calling a company to get antibiotics out of the chicken. yum! brands owns kfc, taco bell and pizza hut. will eventually stop using to raise the livestock now taco bell and pizza hut says they will do that eventually and phasing it out and uses a lot more chicken. kfc is the largest chicken chain in the country by stores. fewer stores but more stores says it has by 2019. remarkable they have not done that yet, you no? he it us. >> nek that everybody else has said so. people give taco bell a hard time whether it is chicken it won't have anti-by out ticks. it will, too. kfc, it is a big issue. he they use so many dealing with chickens. that is true. >> it is a huge, huge, huge overall for them. >> making tough like that healthier has not
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better bottom lane for the companies. right. >> they tend to dive into that now. >> people are not going there for super healthy chicken. >> ru, true. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> thank you, allison. >> thank. >> all right. 83 degrees out now. hot. summer, beautiful day. >> it is. still comfortable, steve. the humidity is still tolerable. dewpoints have not gone skyrocketing yet. you with will start to feel the difference, folks. 87 was the high number today. just f new this morning we start off with a comfortable 71 and 87 in islip today. 86 toward bridgeport. montauk had a comfortable 82 today system of even down the shore in bellmawr. i was gorgeous. the high is 84 degrees. right now, sitting in the 80's in many location. like even in monticello. temperature is 82 exactly. about the dewpoints, though. still comfortable. we start to see them creep up to the mid 60's. that is when it gets
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the difference tomorrow. the winds are breezy in some location and it will continue to be that way overnight. relative humidity also comfortable ap rising as we go to tomorrow as well. we have a few thin clouds working through but mainly mostly sun my skies for the day and looks like as we go through tonight. we'll start to see increasing clouds rotating in. we are under the influence of high pressure as that moves to the east a bit. we start to sew a shift in the wind direction and going to start to come in out of the southwest and that is warm wind direction and also a humid one. so we'll start to feel late tonight and tomorrow. not only will we feel the heat and the humidity, we are also going to see increasing chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. here is the future cast. tonight we go with increasing clouds. we start out clear now. the clouds will thickp up. tomorrow morning we wake up with mostly cloudy conditions. you may see the sun struggle to break through. the clouds will win out. have the umbrella handy. we are expecting scattered shower, the pos k of some thunderstorms especially
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thunderstorms could produce downpours and could give you a good soaking should they pop up the area. on thursday morning, more of the same. we wake up with mostly clud ry condition cans and sun struggling to to break through then in this he afternoon on thursday. that is when we see showers firing up. that pattern is going to stay with us and looks like for the remainder of week as well as the weekend so we want to end jo i the last bit of dry weather while it is here now. increasing clouds tonight and mild to get start to get mug if i, too. in city. tomorrow, wake up with a lot of clouds p. you difference with the humidity then scattered showers and thunderstorms will begin to pop up throughout on and off through the day tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 80's. then, closing in on 90 as we go to the week. thursday, we have the humidity continuing. as well as the chances of showers and storms then we hit the 90-degree mark as we go to friday, saturday. it stays humid through the weekend, folks. we don't get come are for again until next
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but not going to arrive until tuesday. so we are in far long stretch of very uncomfortable weather over the next several days. >> you got used to the nice weather now the humidity is here. it is august. >> get thought evening. after this, it gets uncomfortable? all right. >> thank you. >> the winner of the brooklyn bow tannic garden's greenest block contest has been announced. this year, the honor belongs to avenue d in flatbush. the street is lined with learnts feature sunflowers, ek negotiate sha, overflow with black-eyed susans and marigolds. it is one of the block's best qualities. more than 150 blocks entered the contest. all right. very nice. >> the rail line could be a future hot spot for hikers and cyclists. reporter: these overgrown railroad
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the line ran from port jefferson to waiting river. the frequent computer was inventor and genius, who had researched lab in shoreham. trains would bring equipment from the city to the tesla lab and foam the east end that has not been used for almost 80 years. now government officials are one step closer to transforming it into a biking and hiking trail. >> this new rails to trails project which will stretch to waiting river is project that is 80% federally funded with 2% local match. the roughly ten-mile long trail stretch is along the suffolk county winding the way through the communities like port jefferson station. mount sinai and shoreham. >> this trail will conmeck all the local communities, the schoolhouse, the library, the businesses, and give a place for people like myself to have shelter from the
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>> advocates and avid bikers say it is a safer solution. >> since 2011 or 2012 purchase sur folk county had more than double the highest rate of fa fatalities per capita for 100,000 people in new york state m. there is no joy like riding on bicycle only trail. the trails will bring economic development and it will bring health and bring jobs. government has see cored the funding. the project expected to be finished by 2018. in long goldberg, "fox 5 news." >> and a musical that was once on broadway. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> ok. the new director of "ragtime" is taking the show back to the roots. >> plus, secrets to the perfect slice of pizza. kerry drue learn interests the masters on the staten island lan
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>> simone boist here to show us where the islands the perfect place to stage the rival of a popular music. >> guys, the features was perfect. was magical evening and all brought to lif by ambitious director. 22-year-old director ragtime on ellis island was experiment of sorts. producers dubbed it a
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performed a selection of songs in front of state officials and theater industry prohe fessionals all in the hopes of continuing rag timm on ellis island far wider audience. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> some 12 million immigrants passed through ellis island between 1892 and 1954 when great american musical ragtime opened broadway in 1988 and offered a gmp pivotal time in new york city. >> i am king of the world. >> last night i set sail for ellis island with 60 actors and musician including some of the original cast members of ragtime on broadway. >> we have arrived on ellis island for a special concert featuring the songs of ragtime the musical ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? they aretting up the stage as we speak so this is all happening in real-time. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> ragtime examines the immigrant experience through the lens of
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groups. several characters in the show began the journeys right here on ellis island ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? robert pet cov clayplayed the role on bradway. a jewish im grant from latvia. this is where he comes through the story lines so i was saying it was emotional tonight. in my own grandfather came through ellis island, so it was very strange to look toon see the actual room that all of this is being refertoned the music. >> ryan stokes mitchell played walker jr. in the prodiction and nar rate and performed for us last night. ? ? ? ? ? ragtime is one of the shows that seems like no matter when you visit it. something in the world is going on that really gives the words resonance and relevance. >> brandon victor dixon took a break from hamilton rehearsals as he prepares to replace tony award western in hamilton next week. ragtime was the first broadway show brandon ever saw with the words
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here. >> that story coming to merck and how you get to america what america really is when you get here then realizing what america is what is you make it. >> well, been done victors haveon received a tony nomination for the former answer isle looping which he starred in the duet of make him. you seriously brought down the house at ellis oi lan last night and hoping we see more of this producks? what an mading night. >> i was incredible. >> powerful stuff. >> all right. you are good. >> making it easier to avoid that late night delivery order. >> yep. one way to eat healthier without making big chance to the die oat. plus the security breach. the least one that compromised millions of bomb's credit and debit card accounts.
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our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning. at td bank we do things differently, like live customer service 24/7. bart: hello? hello! don't just bank, bank human. >> we have breaking news on long island, a car jumped a curb, hitting people at a bus stop. steve: we're at scene at new hyde park with what we know, joe. reporte: this happened just men mitt minutes ago, right out in front of lake success center shopping mall, what appears to
5:30 pm
speed through this mesnick 4 , that is the bus stop could we understand there were people in the bus stop we arrived we saw, several people, being triaged by ems, 4 of them, this person may be the driver of the automobile, unclear, it appeared to be a senior citizen, unclear how that accident happened. but major investigation underway eastbound union turnpike in new hyde park. near like success center shopping area. this also a traffic problem. multiple pedestrian struck by that automobile. they are putting up the crime scene tape to begin the investigation.
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>> russian hackers may have compromised millions of american credit and debit cards. dari: dan bowens with how they attacked store, reporter: jenniffer and steve this is ar -- affecting or oracle. they could be in restaurants unite clubs or staggering 300 thousand cash registers possibly compromised they are run by software 90 oracle. from starbucks to boss clothing, hilton and marriott hotels. >> a metaphor of weakest link of a chain could rip it apar. reporter: a writer with tom's guide, tracking the story. the attackers appeared to
5:32 pm
oracle known as microbe. the part that processes. >> it runs through microbe sale system, it is networked. the widespread connection from that one hit, are huge. reporter: possible cybercrimes uncovered by centss on second -- crebs on security, linking it to a well-known russian syndicate. they are suspected of stealing more than a billion dollars from banks, retailers and hospitality firms, so far oracle downplaying the reports but customers are urged to change passwords and check credit card statements. >> figure out the fastest way to apply for a credit card. and have that customer
5:33 pm
credit card. reporter: oracle will contact customers if they believe that data was stolen, they insist this was -- was not internal, they say that credit card data is always encrypted. >> today, a federal appeals court rejected new jersey attempt to legalize sports betting. it would have allowed betting on the casinos and racetracks, the sports leagues sued state, claiming that betting would damage the integrity of their games. steve: a former cia officer launched an independent bid for president. >> republican policy shaper, evan mcmullin is running for president as an
5:34 pm
issues, mcmullin said he is more than just a spoiler. >> major party candidates are unfit for the responsibilities they seek. reporter: that is the logic behind campaign 2016's newest candidate, making the rounds on morning talk shows today. >> trump is weak, the weak candidate, losing badly to one of the most appear before the american people in quite some time. reporter: joining the ramps of gary johnson and jill steyn, mcmullin said he is option for though americans who would otherwise pick none of the above in november. >> we have elected officials in congress, they are representing frustrated people, they are looking for change, we need a change agent that understands what makes this country special,
5:35 pm
republicans and opportunities for mcmullin, 64% of conservatives say they support trump, compared to 82% for mitt romney, and mccain in 08. mcmullen is hoping to make a splash in utah. >> if he is on ballot there, that may siphon off enough votesfrom trump to this race that is really important. reporter: mcmullin pushes back against any allegation he is a spoiler. or he could hand the white house to hillary clinton. >> the suggestion that is, that i somehow would force her to win. donald trump is already losing badly, i j just entered race today, he can't keep his foot out of his mouth. reporter: mcmullin needs
5:36 pm
ballot as an independent in utah, last time an independent candidate won even one electoral vote, was alabama governor george wallace that was 50 years ago. steve: two major parties don't want anyone else getting involve thank you, joe. >> jennifer: solving crimes with science. steve: passing on to high school students. >> carry crust in staten island. nternet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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r month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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jennifer: test tubes can be just as important as testimony when it comes to catching criminals? inspiring the next generation of scientists. >> shows like csi have interested in forensic science. >> finding pieces of dna and objects and identifying this person committed this crime, they will go to jail for it, that is cool. reporter: new york city medical examine office opened its doors to hundreds of high school students who may one day be next
5:40 pm
>> and from crime novels and tv, and to show them that the day on day is similar to tv or better. reporter: new inventions like 3-d printers create molds of skulls. >> we look at features of the face. and develop a biological profile, that is where we say, the agent of death of a sex of the person. we'll look at bones of the skeletal, how tall they may have been in life will be purpose for identification. >> i was excited when i got to tour it hands on, it was cool, you were sort of a part of it took i was like, yeah, i want to do this. reporter: students were treating to a tour of the crime lab, national forensic science
5:41 pm
have learned lasts a lifetime. back to you in the studio. steve: love these shows. jennifer: they made that job sexier. steve: a crust is make or break a pizza. jennifer: a staten island pizza joints gives his pies extra crunch. steve: old school method one town used to move this historic schoolhouse. time. fried everything! there's so many bands. the bands! those pigs are just so cute! cheesecake, on a stick. a rollercoaster! the great new york state fair just got greater. with all new fairgrounds, more rides and more fun. from august 25th to september 5th in syracuse, new york. order tickets before opening day for just $6. it's all here, it's only here.
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>> i am dr. oz, here is how to stop stress from wreaking havoc in your life, turn on some opportunities -- tunes, practice deep breathing, inhale, and exhale slow to blow stress away. steve: fox 5 health news, vaccine to help battle cocaine addict is set to start. trials began here at cornell medical center. jennifer: if i am right about this, this vaccine prevents the high from happening in. >> yes that is how it works, this is exciting for addicttion
5:45 pm
that works in the blood stream before the cocaine can get into the brain. it creates antibodies that attack the cocaine once you use it. the cocaine is seen as a foreign enemy, entering the body, so then the antibody goes in, they gobble it up. steve: even if you had a lapse you would you would not use i guess. >> right, you don't experience that high. jennifer: your body prevents that from happening . >> that seems pretty much like holy grail of cocaine addiction treatment. >> right, if this can work it has been proven to work in animal study i would be amazing. jennifer: and other actiondictions as well?
5:46 pm
>> i believe they will look at another they will ask about alcohol and other things. steve: amazing. >> it does open potential for other ways to target other addictions. jennifer: also in fox 5 health news, if you do your grocery shopping on-line, you might make healthier choices if you don't place your order at last minute. it is about planning. >> it is planning, this is a looked at eating. time delayed eating, what the experiment suggests that if you have time, between when you choose our food, and you eat your food, you will make healthier choices, it makes sense, if you are in the moment, you are more likely to think about the immediate response. jennifer: you might be hungrier. >> it is going to be tastier. but if you have time to think
5:47 pm
likely to weigh the pros and cons it is about planning. steve: same as don't go to thes frclos-- grocery store hungry. >> right, because have you time to think about it, say, if i have this candy bar, it may not be so good for me. i am choosing the banana instead. jennifer: i am going for the candy bar either way. steve: this is end of our window of sort of nice, warm, tollerrible but not -- tolerable but not humid. audrey: you have several more hours to enjoy it tomorrow you will feel it. today's high 87 in central park, we hit that number about 1:00 this afternoon. that is a few degrees above our normal high this morning we start with a comfortable 71, tomorrow will be in 70s, but not feeling at comfortable.
5:48 pm
rising, 83 right now in the park. winds are breezy out of the south, coming in 15 miles an hour. temperatures, we're experiences most readings in 80s, 80 to montauk. and 82 in bell belmar. we see nice temperature across northeast, warm in 90 in detroit, we'll see those numbers moving into our region. still cooler in boston 76, phillie is upper 80s. quiet on slat and radar, we're under influence of high pressure. that high will slide to the east, it will start to allow unsettled weather to work in. we start with a southwest wind flow.
5:49 pm
it will get uncomfortable starting tomorrow, but the heat does not arrive until there are day or two. tomorrow we start with humidity, and increase chance of showers and thunderstorm issue highs in 80s. with higher dewpoint, it will feel uncomfortable, 90 across mid section of nation, over 100 in texas. and now to west coast, 70s from seattle to lookinga future cast, tonight, increasing clouds moving in tomorrow, wake up with a lot of clouds in place. you will see sun struggle to breakthrough from time to time, there is a threat of showers and thorpes popping up tomorrow -- thunderstorms topping up tomorrow, as things get quieter at night, thursday we wake up with clouds in place, and thursday afternoon, is when we'll see showers and thunderstorms popping up. that weather pattern will stay
5:50 pm
week to the weekend. tonight, 60s and 70s, tonight, clouds, humid and scattered showers and storms. temperatures in 80s tomorrow, 90s at the end of the week, it will be uncomfortable because humidity rising to higher levels, and we'll have chance of scattered showers and storms. no break in pattern until next week. steve: all right. thank you audrey. >> a community in vermont is relocating a piece of history back to its ori alexander twilight once served at school master in browningen , vermont. more than 20 volunteers and oxen helped to move the building back up the hill. jennifer: very cool. >> a staten island pizza institution has landed in
5:51 pm
d-aninos on the map. reporter: new york city has some of t the best pizza in t the wo, we're getting the dish on staten island. d'aninos has been serving staten >> it started in 1923. my stepfather's father came over, they opened eye soda shop. >> the owner said not the soda that put on the map. >> in 51 we added the pizza. a friend of his said, let's put pizza in there, they started that. if just became a real big hit. reporter: michael has been
5:52 pm
were every job, i am here over 30 years now. reporter: what is your favorite memory of learning to put the pizza together. >> being able to get to make the pizza. that was like highest position at the time. reporter: one of deneno's pie is the moore pie. >> >> tell us about that one. >> it has everything but the kitchen sink. staten island was known for the garbage dump, that is where we got the name. reporter: a playful jab. >> yes. reporter: it is loaded mushrooms, onions, sliced pepperonis, meat balls and home said sa sausage. >> this is for the meat lover.
5:53 pm
part of the success is in the dough. >> we mak make dough every morn. we had this machine is over 60 years old. reporter: the crust is extra crispy. giving place its moto, in crust we trust. >> we use bread crumbs on the bottom of the pie, that is secret. >> cheers. >> thank you for coming. so good. >> i love cheese, and the crunch. you continue good pizza. >> that is it. >> they opened another new york location, in greenwich village. the pizza so good it has a reputation around the globe. >> we have a couple come from japan, they have been back 4
5:54 pm
said, you on are from de denino. >> rights. >> scary. >> here is ernie with a look at what is coming up 6:00. >> a lot to show you, our commuter challenge week continues with congestion, it is bad around la trending tuesday, what is hot next at 6:00, join us right
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h am ernie anastos thank you for joining us, we begin with race for president, and donald trump raising eyebrows again, a new comment that is getting attention. stacestacy delikat is joining uh more. reporter: trump was in middle of a standard stump speech talking about need for a republican to
5:59 pm
court justice that made this off the cuff remark. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets the pick -- if she gets the pick -- to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. reporter: stoking more controversy campaign trail in north carolina today, swift condemn nation, calling it an assassination threat. and clinton campaign saying quote, a person seeks to president of united states should not suggestion violence in anyway, trump's campaign sends out a vague clarification, suggesting that candidate was referring to ability of guns right advocate to unify with their vote, secondmm people
6:00 pm
wherever. the remarks are one reason that more republicans keep jumping party ship, susan colin from maine is latest to say she will not support trump. writing trump's lack of self restraint. would make an already perilous world more so. >> the clinton campaign dealing with its own embarrassing scene last night. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friend are still of orlando paying tribute to victims of pulse nightclub shooting, but in audience, rows away sadiq mateen, father of the shooter omar mateen. he said he was invited in a mass e-mail, but how he got such a


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